Hello! Thanks for visiting Ripe Fruit Women.

We’re in the middle of an exciting transition, as I have split my business into two fabulous entities:

Apothecary for the Soul

 and Sane & Sexy Pregnancy

Through Apothecary for the Soul I’ll be offering my flower essences, biodynamic craniosacral, pelvic healing work and soul coaching.

You can visit my online store here and schedule sessions here.

Through Sane & Sexy Pregnancy I’ll be offering prenatal/postpartum bodywork, pregnancy sanity coaching, custom flower essences for emotional and somatic support, and doula services.

You can schedule sessions here and stay in touch via Facebook here.

You can also follow me on Instagram @ursula.joy.


PS If you’re not on my mailing list already, stay in touch! This sign-up will default to Apothecary for the Soul, and I will send out an update when I get a separate list started for Sane & Sexy Pregnancy.

My Valentine to the World: the Fierce Love of the Sacred Feminine

February 15th, 2017|Comments Off on My Valentine to the World: the Fierce Love of the Sacred Feminine

If you could remember

What is was

To root down into

The land,

What would

You find there?

What would it feel like?

Who would you become,

Unfolding from the very core

Of your being?


The Serpent,

She sings to us,

And the memory

Of the Earth

Is […]

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